Happy Birthday to Dewi Lewis

Dewi Lewis turned 60 today. Wishing him the happiest of birthdays!

For those who don’t know,  Dewi is the founder and head of Dewi Lewis Publishing the photobook publisher.

Dewi also founded Cornerhouse in Manchester, in 1985. By 1987, he was publishing work through Cornerhouse. The first photobook published was John Davies’ A Green And Pleasant Land.

Between founding Cornerhouse and founding Dewi Lewis Publishing, Dewi has significantly and permanently changed the landscape for photographers working in Britain and in other countries. So, happy birthday dude, we all you owe a glass.

I was fortunate in meeting Dewi briefly at Format Festival Launch dinner. I was fighting him for Bruce’s attention over dinner, which isn’t the worst way to live, I guess. The photograph below was taken by John Maloof* at the end of dinner, and John Davies and Joni Karanka are in the background.

*All copyright pertaining to this image belongs solely to John Maloof. Image reproduced here with his written permission.

Edit: I stand corrected. March 26th was not Dewi’s brithday, it was just the day of his party. His birthday was earlier, on 10th March. Either way, belated birthday wishes, and thanks for all the fish. 😉


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