The Migration Museum Photography Competition

I received an email from Sophie Henderson, Project Manager for the newly established Migration Museum. She wanted me to publicise this among the participants of the Street Photography Now Project run by The Photographers’ Gallery, for which I am the Community Manager. I offered to share it here also, to reach more people.

They are running a competition jointly with The Guardian newspaper seeking images relating to migration into the UK and emigration from the UK.

The deadline for submissions to the competition is 17th June, 2011. So you have until next Friday to submit your images. Good luck!

This competition is seeking images relating to immigration into the UK, and emigration from the UK. Very sorry to those who have images of other forms of immigration, but this is to seek images in keeping with the remit of The Migration Museum, which is focussed on UK-related migration.

From Sophie Henderson of The Migration Museum:
I wanted to tell you about an exciting new project, headed by former Minister for Immigration Barbara Roche, which aims to establish a new national Migration Museum in the UK. We’ve got a new website at

We are also running a "100 Images of Migration" competition with the Guardian for people to upload images resonant of migration. Images might relate to a personal family history, or to something in the public domain like a banknote printed on Huguenot Portal family paper. Or they could show a tabloid newspaper headline screaming about a nation swamped by immigrants or anything else that speaks of migration.

I wondered whether you or any of the street photography participants might be interested in contributing some images. Images can be uploaded via the Guardian article at… or our website and the competition ends on 17th June 2011. Winning entries will feature in Guardian Weekend Magazine.

Best wishes

Sophie Henderson


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