Italy Internship – Photogs and Graphic Designers (From COLORS Mag)

Anyone fancy it? COLORS Magazine are both hiring and seeking interns. Writers, photographers, designers, etc.

They’re looking for writing staff, and they’re also looking for interns in writing, photography, and graphic design. Interns would get their flights to Italy, accommodation, lunch, etc., paid for.

You can read more about it here.

I don’t usually recommend doing internships. In my opinion, it is much better to create your own opportunities, either through paid work, or by contributing significantly and uniquely to an organisation, filling a gap in their needs while avoiding the impressions that you’re just another lackey who spent a couple of months stuffing envelopes. But, when its COLORS Magazine we’re talking about, and a free trip to Italy is part of the deal, I’m inclined to change my mind… 😉

Internships are only open to those under-25, but the writing jobs are open to under-30s.


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