Street Photography Now Project

I’ve been the Community Manager for the Street Photography Now Project run by The Photographers’ Gallery since the opening weeks of the project, back in October 2010.

The Street Photography Now Project is based on the phenomenally successful book, Street Photography Now authored by Sophie Howarth and Stephen McLaren, and published by Thames and Hudson.

Each week, a photographer from the book issues an Instruction, and participants have that week to go out and shoot an image in response. So far, we’ve had some excellent images from across the globe, members have improved their street photography, and there have been exhibitions of the work produced. And, we’ve had some amazing feedback from some mighty photographers; last week Richard Kalvar spent considerable time commenting on a selection of images in response to a quote from him, and photographers like Mimi Mollica, Wolfgang Zurborn, and Andre Z. Glickman have been amazing in commenting actively, too.

The project runs for another three weeks. So you’ve still got some time to do some street photography and dive into this fabulously passionate community. We’re getting teary eyed about the end of the project already, but community members are planning to continue what The Photographers’ Gallery started with this unique project.

As of today, Johanna Neurath from Thames and Hudson, has supplied the following quote: “Say it with flowers” so get snapping, and be sure to share your work here.

And there you have my Friday Links for this week. 😉

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