Nikon Marketing Win.

I recently got a modestly decent sum of money. I was (seriously) planning to spend it on a new Nikon camera, and a couple of lenses. I’m happy with my current camera for some work, but did think the new gear would be useful for some specific work I plan to make very soon.

Yesterday, I was at a masterclass taught by Simon Roberts. He’s a great teacher, in addition to producing interesting work, and I got a lot out of hearing him talk about his work and development, and also from seeing the projects submitted by other participants.

Simon advised me to spend some time really focussing on a few specific things, and it’s advice I’m thinking about on the train (ST84Photo goes on tour! a mini-tour, mind, a very mini-tour).

So today I log on to TheTwitter. And everyone is talking about Nikon. And not the good talk, either. My god, I think, are people still complaining about the Nikon 1 magic auto-photograph function? No, they’re talking about something else. Nikon’s wonderful marketing ploy to convince us all that the latest flashy gear is what makes a great photographer.

The day after I got some really helpful advice from a guy who makes his photographs on a large format camera. With no Nikon badge. And when he critiqued my work, his comments were about what I was trying to achieve and how I could improve my practice to do that. He didn’t say anything about me needing a new camera. He didn’t say anything about the gear I had been using at all.

Nice one, Nikon. Think I’ll spend that money on creating the time and logistics to follow Simon’s advice instead of buying a camera and some lenses from you. Great marketing technique!


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