Seconds2Real: Siegfried Hansen

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This is part of an interview series with members of Seconds2Real street photography collective, in celebration of their recent exhibition in Berlin in October.A video of this exhibition can be viewed at the bottom of this post.

What brought you to doing street photography? How long have you been a street photographer? Why do you love it?

Before I started with Street photography I took ordinary pictures, like everyone else. 2002 I saw an exhibition in Tokyo by Andre Kertesz and was impressed by his pictures. This was the moment when I realized, that I would like to work as a street photographer. I am not working professional as a street photographer; it’s a hobby or more like a passion.

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Which photographers inspire you?

Andre Kertesz, Henri-Cartier Bresson, Ray K. Metzker, Ernst Haas. The most influence on my work is given to me by Andre Kertesz. I like his style how he had seen the scene and as well his creative thinking. I am as well an admirer of Ernst Haas, he has some wonderful pictures that I admire.

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Editing/selecting which images to show is crucial for a street photographer. Has being in a collective helped you with this process?

Yes, sometimes is it very good to have this collective. So different eyes look at the work. But most of the time you have to consider by yourself which photos your will publish in the internet, exhibitions or books.

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In the UK, street photography has become very popular over the last year (the Street Photography Now book published, Format Festival dedicated to street photography, the London Street Photography Festival, your work on show at Look11, and lots of popular workshops).
Have you felt that street photography has also been more popular recently in your own country? And do think that street photography will continue to be popular in this way?

Yes, I have recognized that Street Photography becomes more and more popular even in Germany. But the main towns for Street Photography are still London and New York.


Any tips or “words of wisdom” for other street photographers?

In my opinion he has to be curiously, open minded and has to capture the situation in a quick moment. A street photographer should learn to use the “2nd layer”. This means the game between foreground and background, otherwise the pictures does not look so interesting. And it is very important to train his perceptual memory, always checking the environment.

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What would be your ideal gear for doing street photography with?

A noiseless small camera with a quick autofocus, which makes good and quality photos.

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Seconds2Real made this video of their recent exhibition in Berlin.

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