ST84Photo Has Become A Commercial Photographer

Hi guys,
I’m just letting you know that I’ve mode home from to my own hosted website. Being here was fantastic for learning how to blog about photography (I don’t know how to code!), but I bit the bullet and have set up my own websites now. They’re going really well, and I hope you’ll join me on them.

Commercial Photographer Blog

The ST84Photography blog is now set up to give great advice to businesses who want to hire a photographer, and details behind the scenes details of commercial photography shoots.

Commercial Photography in London and other places

I’m now working as a professional photographer in London serving business clients and editorial publications. My portfolio can be viewed here. The work also includes commercial and editorial images from around the globe.


NegativeReal is currently under development, but will be a home photobook and exhibition reviews, as well as some discussion about what photography is, and how it functions in society. Once it starts going live in the new year, I hope you’ll come to love it (and argue with it in the comments at times, too!).


Sorry I’ve been away. A mixture of working on wonderful new projects, relocating to the other end of the country, starting a new business, and some serious family stress has kept me from being active on here. But I really think you’ll enjoy the new platforms I’m publishing on – let me know what you think!

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