About ST84Photo

ST84Photo is a photography blog authored by a North West (UK) based photographer, Sara T’Rula, who works primarily in documentary photography. This isn’t a “post-a-pic daily then tweet it to everyone you can think of” style of blog; it’s more a “discuss exhibitions, news, new photobooks, and other stuff” kind of blog. If that’s what you like, stick around. 🙂

Update: As of November, I have been invited to join the writing team over at the fabulous Duckrabbit Blog, so you can find more thoughts by me, along with some great thoughts, videos, and other content by the rest of the Duckrabbit Blog team, over there!

My Website. Currently working on two new projects, to be added to the site soon.

My Twitter. Follow me for updates about new blog posts and for useful photography and technology links, too.

If you have any photography events or information that you would like to share via this blog, feel free to email me at sara [at] saratula [dot] com

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