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Nate Larson – Call For Submissions

Nate Larson runs a tumblr blog, documenting the desktops of creatives from around the world. And he wants your desktop! Well, a screengrab of it, anyway. 5 minutes of your time, and intuhwebz fame is guaranteed*.

From Nate:
Artists, writers, & other creative folk – please send a screen capture of your desktop for Nate Larson’s ongoing blog project. I’m curious to see how creative people organize their thought process in the digital age – whether it’s minimal or complex, customized or corporatized, or how it reflects other evidence of your artistic work you do:

*Maybe. Depending on how you define “intuhwebz fame” and how frequently Google crawls tumblr.

Hoping to add Part II of the Collateral Damage – Landscapes of Conflict exhibition and one-day seminar (Paul Lowe, LCC, and Harry Hardie, HOST) later tonight.

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