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Brian Griffin in Walsall

I’m super excited today. In a few hours time, I’m heading off to The New Art Gallery in Walsall to catch the opening of a new show by Brian Griffin

My own work generally falls within what could be termed documentary photography and/or street photography, but Brian is one of my favourite photographers, despite his work frequently falling outside this sphere. His use of lighting is masterful, and his ideas are highly creative.

As it happens, he showed some early street photography he had done (from the mid-70s) at Format Festival this year, and one of his images in particular was a stand out in that Festival for me. This one.

The work on show in Walsall is drawn from a commission for which Brian focussed on the people of the Black Country, where he grew up. He feels those formative years were incredibly influential in shaping the work he later made as a photographer, and this return to his home town is as much an exploration of himself as it is an exploration of others.

I’m looking forward to being there.

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