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Blog/Link Roll Weekly Update

As I have Other Things To Do, the blogroll/links bar here will get updated weekly with a few new additions. I’ll be making a post like this to give an outline of the new additions each week. So, here goes the first one!

The Image Deconstructed – I came across this marvellous little corner of the photo-web late last year, and have been a regular reader ever since. Crafted by Ross Taylor, and quoting the man himself, “It’s a weekly blog that takes a look at an image, then attempts to deconstruct the psychology that went behind the making of the image. Check in each weekend for a new posting.”

Street Reverb – The baby child of a seedy affair between members of the HCSP flickr group, this is a daily magazine showcasing the best of street photography from across the globe, and essays on the increasingly popular genre. Required reading for anyone seeking to have their images repeatedly rejected from the HCSP group, on the basis that reading this magazine may improve your images, making the chances of rejection less likely and thus inducing a stronger infuriating thrill at seeing them returned soiled and unloved within 24 hours.

Burn Magazine – Headed up by David Alan Harvey. Yes, he of that little known group, Pagnum Mhotos. Or something like that. This is an online and print publication, focussing on essays (although single images are often posted and discussed) with a strong history of heavy discussion in the comments section below.

Street Photography Now Project – My own little corner of the photo-web. Well, I say “my own” but that would be here at ST84Photo, while the SPN Project really belongs to The Photographers’ Gallery. Well, I say it belongs to TPG, but it really belongs to the members of the community. Well, either way, each week a major photographer issues an Instruction, and members go out and make a street photo in response and submit. Major photog then gives comments and feedback on a selection of the images. There are lots of other good things involved, too. But you have to join to find out. I am the Community Manager. This means that I am the person that you should yell at when things don’t work. Disclaimer: Things mostly do work.

The SPN Project runs until the end of September. Past Photographers have included Bruce Gilden, Martin Parr, Matt Stuart, Nick Turpin, and Mimi Mollica.

Now, all I have to do is make the Links Bar happen. This may require tea. Ceylon tea, no less. Phew!

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