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Friday Links

As we’ve been discussing famine photography this week on the blog, I thought I’d keep it relevant in the Friday Links section, by pulling together a mixed bag of links to reviews, interviews, and relevant organisations, for those wanting to find out more about famine photography.

First up, although I linked to the recent debates in my post last weekend, I can’t put together a links list today that doesn’t include a nod to David Campbell and this link points you to a summary list of his writings on the subject.

Amateur Photographer magazine discusses the work of Tom Stoddart, focussing on the iconic imagery he made while working in Sudan in 1998.

One to bookmark, this is Human. What is HUMAN? Well, it’s a new photojournalism site that will be opening soon and, having spoken with the founder, I have the impression that Human may well be adding some interesting and divergent imagery to the collective visual narrative of Africa generally, and famine in particular.

Autograph ABP is an organisation set up to promote and support black photographers. Director, Mark Sealy, gave a fascinating talk at this year’s Format Festival about how Africa is imaged, and Autograph are well worth your time if you want to find out more about black photography. Okay, so it is a lot wider than my original remit, but I’d expect some relevant things to be coming out from them.

Panos Pictures made this video exploring how the agency has evolved over the last 25 years, including some discussion of the problematic issues of imaging the developing world, and insight into how some of the Panos photographers have responded to this concern to try to produce a different visual framework.

And finally, a handy little link back to the ST84Photo Famine Photography blog post (with, yes you guessed it, more links).

Not nearly a complete list. Hell, not even nearly a robust one. But a few links related to some of the issues we’ve been discussing.


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